Natural Gas is a Climate Non-Starter, Still an Energy Innovation Policy Model

Matthew Stepp March 5, 2012
March 5, 2012

A new study by top climate scientist Ken Caldeira and tech industry leader Nathan Myhrvold provides good qualitative analysis of the character and aggressiveness of the change needed in the U.S. electricity sector to significantly cut carbon emissions. The analysis paints a black-eye on those that believe natural gas is a climate relevant “bridge-fuel” to a clean energy future. It may have been a bridge-fuel option forty years ago as part of a cohesive national energy strategy, but given our climate realities, replacing coal plants with ‘cleaner’ natural gas is a climate and energy policy non-starter in addition to it being limited in addressing our other energy challenges. Its technological development history, however, does provide a government-industry roadmap on how to drive clean energy innovation.