Statement by ITIF Senior Research Fellow Richard Bennett on Latest FCC Actions on Open Internet

September 2, 2010

“ITIF supports the FCC's decision to seek public comment on two specific questions that are critical to the future of the Internet: managed services and mobile broadband. These two difficult questions have eluded consensus so far, and no Open Internet order can survive court challenge and win broad support if the FCC doesn't get them right.

Some pressure groups have hounded the FCC to make an election issue out of its Open Internet proceeding by handing down a rash decision. The Commission, under the able leadership of Chairman Genachowski, wisely concludes that the Internet is too important to the future of the American economy and our systems of education, health care, transportation, and environmental protection to be subjected to careless regulation that might have undesirable side effects on innovation. It is important for the FCC to strike the right balance between the needs of the Web applications we know today and those of future applications, regardless of how long it may take.”


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