The Next Big Things: Climate Technologies to Watch

Innovation to make energy clean, affordable, and reliable should be a central goal of climate and energy policy. Climate change caused by unabated combustion of fossil fuels is damaging society and the environment, but the sobering reality is that this situation will not change until clean systems match conventional systems in price and performance. The good news is that there a wide range of opportunities to do just that, if innovation policy helps the private sector unlock them.

In this series of briefings, ITIF's Center for Clean Energy Innovation provides an introduction. ITIF provides a brief, accessible overview of how each technology works, what progress has been made and what still needs to be done, and what the United States can do to bring it to maturity, so that it can contribute to the transition to net-zero emissions that the world has embarked upon.

Floating Wind Farms

Floating offshore wind farms should be the next big thing in the wind industry. But catalyzing greater private investment and reducing costs will require large-scale demonstration to increase confidence from investors that the technology works as intended.

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Enhanced Geothermal Systems

With technological advancements in deep-well drilling and material improvements, Enhanced Geothermal Systems technology costs could be reduced, and geothermal energy could make substantial contributions to a net-zero energy system over the long term.

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