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February 26, 2019
"There’s this growing tech backlash and there’s a growing movement of what one could call the anti-monopoly left who sees any big firms as suspect," Rob Atkinson told Bloomberg. "We put those two things together, and I believe there’s a real risk that the FTC could go too far here and begin to question or take actions against large technology firms simply because they’re large."
February 19, 2019
“Having used mercantilist tactics to build local champions, China is tapering off some subsidies and restrictions,” Nigel Cory and David Hart told the Financial Times. “Building these local champions at the early stage of technological development and adoption means China will be well placed to capitalise on other countries’ efforts to reduce carbon emissions and spur NEV adoption.”
February 13, 2019
"More competitors is not always better. This is especially true given the economics of communications networks, which feature tremendously high, fixed upfront costs to serve a given geographic area,” Doug Brake told the panel. “A combined company could do more with less, allowing the new firm to drive greater value throughout the business, ultimately passing a significant share onto consumers.”
February 11, 2019
Daniel Castro said that, "If the administration wants its AI initiative to be transformative, it will need to do more than reprogram existing funds for AI research, skill development, and infrastructure development." Castro welcomed the initiative but called for a more comprehensive AI strategy that covers areas such as digital free trade, data collection policies and other issues.
February 11, 2019
As reported by the Wall Street Journal, an ITIF report says setting limits on the technology could impede economic growth.U.S. economic growth, social progress and global competitiveness will suffer if federal and state governments put restrictions on the development and adoption of artificial intelligence-powered products.
February 7, 2019
“Antitrust enforcement is not the appropriate remedy for data privacy complaints,” said Rob Atkinson. “Facebook is not a monopoly in the actual relevant market, the ad market, or even in the social networks market. Rather than an abuse of dominance investigation, this ruling represents a power grab by German authorities that will create confusion throughout the European Union.”
February 7, 2019
“We’re in a 10-year productivity depression” that’s hurting living standards, Rob Atkinson told Bloomberg Businessweek. “Tech is really the only way we’re going to raise productivity growth.”
February 1, 2019
“There’s been a lot of consternation over the past few years over Chinese participation in the standard-setting bodies,” Doug Brake told Bloomberg. “You can’t really sneak something into the standard developed through 3GPP since it’s an open process. We should be encouraging China to participate in global standards.”
January 30, 2019
"The odds of them stonewalling and rope-a-doping in this meeting are close to zero," Rob Atkinson told the Associated Press. "What are they going to put on the table? Are they going to put tidbits on the table, or they going to put something meaty on the table?"
January 28, 2019
U.S. News & World Report covered ITIF's report identifying the worst cases of innovation mercantilist policies in 2018, showing the biggest offenders were China, Europe, Kenya, India, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and Turkey.