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September 23, 2018
“The tariffs affect the heart of the infrastructure of the internet,” Rob Atkinson told the New York Times. “If we are going to impose tariffs on Chinese goods, we should impose them on items that hurt the Chinese, not us.”
September 19, 2018
“Chinese companies don’t have that type of technological sophistication,” Robert Atkinson told the Associated Press. “They know if they do it the organic way — by funding R&D and building up a university system — it’s going to take 30 years. The Chinese don’t want to wait that long.”
September 18, 2018
“In India, [data localisation] will undermine firm productivity and competitiveness, and ultimately the economy’s productivity, by forcing firms to spend more than necessary on IT services,” says Nigel Cory. “This cost is not only borne by those firms directly impacted by the data localisation requirements, such as financial payment processors, but all IT service users, as it forces everyone to pay more for these services.”
September 13, 2018
"Global computing leadership is essentially up for grabs again," said Stephen Ezell. "It's going to be the societies that marshal the optimal set of resources in terms of funding, talent, university research and commercialization that lead this transition."
September 7, 2018
"The throttling incident, while a real PR disaster for Verizon, has nothing to do with net neutrality," Doug Brake told Politifact. "The rules explicitly allowed for data plans that rate-limit or ‘throttle’ a data connection after a certain threshold."
September 7, 2018
As reported by the Wall Street Journal, an ITIF report shows that a new round of proposed tariffs by the Trump administration, on an additional $200 billion of imported Chinese goods, would raise costs for cloud computing and other tech services and result in job cuts.
September 7, 2018
As Rob Atkinson told the Washington Post, a better measure of the economy is growth in productivity — the output per hour of work. “By this measure, the economy under President Trump is actually performing very poorly, compared to postwar figures,” he said. 
September 6, 2018
As the Wall Street Journal reports, a recent ITIF analysis shows the administration’s proposed tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods includes levies on routers, switches and servers that will raise prices for cloud services in the U.S. 
September 5, 2018
As reported by the Wall Street Journal, a recent ITIF analysis of 400 state-government websites offering online services such as driver’s license applications, tax payments or business registrations, found that 99% failed at least one basic performance measure, including slow page-load speeds, a lack of mobile tools and features or accessibility issues.
September 5, 2018
As Government Technology reports, ITIF's detailed review of 400 state government websites found that nearly all of them are deficient in some foundational functionalities, including load speeds, mobile readiness, security and accessibility.