Where Does the U.S. Really Stand in Broadband and Why?

June 21, 2010

Resolved: The US is lagging seriously behind other countries on broadband access and this is due primarily to a failure of U.S. telecom regulation.  That is not the way ITIF sees it and we welcome the chance to explain why in a debate.  Everyone agrees it would be better if more Americans were enjoying broadband capability in computing and telecommunications.  But are we as far behind as some critics say?  How do we measure international rankings?  If we are lagging badly is this because regulators have let service providers focus on corporate bottom line rather than the broader public interest?  Or is it, as ITIF believes, more complex?  Is America actually doing better than what critics contend and are the impediments to wider broadband deployment more related to an array of infrastructure challenges and to America's persistent socioeconomic digital divide?  What can we do about these challenges? Join us for lively and spirited debate to settle these questions -- with live voting for the audience.