U.S. Competitiveness: A New Conversation with New Opportunities

March 10, 2011

There is a growing sense of urgency for bipartisan commitment to restoring America's competitive edge through innovation. In that spirit, ITIF hosts a seminal half-day conference on how the United States can revitalize economic growth by boosting innovation and productivity in existing industries while also advancing emerging growth sectors such as nanotechnology, biotechnology and mobile broadband. How can we find the right mix of private sector dynamism and government support, as well as the political consensus required, to stay ahead of global competition and boost long-term prosperity?

Part 1 - Introductions

Part 2 - Keynote Address: Paul Jacobs, Qualcomm Chairman and CEO

Part 3 - The Innovation and Competitiveness Picture: Rob Atkinson, ITIF President

Part 4 - Panel: Mobile Broadband - Public Support and Private Entrepreneurship

Part 5 - Panel: Forging a Bipartisan Consensus on Government's Role in Innovation

Part 6 - Luncheon Keynote Address: Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN)