The Unfinished Radio Revolution: New Approaches to Handling Wireless Interference

November 12, 2010

Change is in the air: there are likely to be significant new spectrum allocations as a result of the National Broadband Plan, and the march of technology keeps offering new ways to increase the capacity of wireless systems.

However, the revolution begun by the end of "command and control" radio licensing and the shift to a more hands-off regime of flexible-use auctioned licenses and unlicensed operation is incomplete. For example, while there's wide agreement on the importance of flexible use, the debate over the merits of property rights vs. open access have left largely untouched the important matter of defining the optimal operating permissions and governance regime for any new allocations.

This half-day conference addresses a key unanswered question: How should radio operating rights be defined, assigned and enforced in order to obtain the maximum benefit from wireless operations?