Time to Start Thinking: A Conversation with Ed Luce

June 6, 2012

America is sleepwalking into economic and geopolitical decline. That’s the central thesis of veteran Financial Times correspondent Ed Luce’s book Time to Start Thinking, which supports this thesis with interviews conducted with Bill Gates, Admiral Mike Mullen and other key players in politics and business. 

Luce explores culprits in this decline such as the deep polarization of American politics, the failure of neoclassical economists to understand the need for a national competitiveness strategy, and a general lack of urgency for action since America is "exceptional." In a world where the pace of change is increasingly set elsewhere, can America come back? Is the “exceptionalism” seen in response to previous challenges, such as Sputnik, missing in today’s broken political system? Or will American pragmatism secure a better future? ITIF welcomed Ed Luce for a discussion of this important and provocative book.