Restoring the Innovation Edge

January 24, 2012

Only those in deep denial believe the United States remains the unchallenged leader when it comes to innovation-based competitiveness. As other nations adopt public-private innovation strategies, the U.S. is going in the opposite direction, failing to adapt to the competitive environment generated by the evolution of science and technology.

In his new book, Restoring the Innovation Edge (Stanford Business Books), Jerald Hage, Director of the Center for Innovation at the University of Maryland, explores remedies to this growing problem, looking at eight key obstacles that the U.S. faces in restoring its innovative edge. Hage acknowledges this is a complex undertaking, with a range of tough policy choices, and multiple interventions at four different levels: in research teams, organizations, economic and non-economic sectors, and society at large.

ITIF is pleased to host Prof. Hage as he lays out his ground-breaking ideas on to measure the innovation challenge and technical progress in a timely way, fresh approaches for public-private cooperation in manufacturing research, and other ideas.