Health Care Innovation in a Time of Fiscal Austerity

November 2, 2011

In both America and Europe increasing fiscal pressures are requiring a rethinking of many policy areas, including health care. And yet historically, America and Europe's leadership in life sciences innovation was linked in part to adequate expenditures on health care. Today that link is being challenged. As a result, policy makers who seek to control costs while enabling the needed advances in life sciences innovation must address new critical questions: How can healthcare benefit from the innovation which is typical of a free market economy? Is there a way in today's world to allow as many possible people to access up-to-date cures while not adding to the ever increasing burden on state finances?

Please join the Instituto Bruno Leoni and the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation as a team of international experts host a forum to investigate the future of international healthcare systems, in the context of what looks like a permanent fiscal crisis. We will focus on alternatives developed so far to combine the essential goals of access, sustainability, and innovation— in a global context which is, in the West, shaped by the rise of life expectancy and the shrinking of government resources.