Grand Innovation Challenges of the 21st Century

April 12, 2012

Technology has given new meaning to Napoleon Hill's famous quote, "Whatever the mind and conceive and believe it can achieve." This summer, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) will convene a conference on Grand Challenges - ambitious goals that are achieved by advancing science, technology and innovation. Grand Challenges are an important element of President Obama's Strategy for American Innovation, and agencies such as the Department of Energy have launched challenges such as SunShot, an initiative to make solar energy as cheap as coal by the end of the decade.

ITIF hosted Tom Kalil, OSTP's Deputy Director for Policy, as he made the case for an "all hands on deck" effort to set and meet Grand Challenges that involves government, the private sector, philanthropists, and research universities.

Learn more IBM's quest to create Watson, the computer that outwitted Jeopardy champs, and how Qualcomm is challenging innovators to make the hand-held medical diagnoses Dr. McCoy routinely provided in Star Trek something the average consumer can do.