Explaining International Broadband Leadership

May 1, 2008

It’s hard to follow broadband policy without hearing almost weekly that the U.S. ranks 15th out of 30 OECD nations in broadband penetration. But understanding why the U.S. is behind is much harder. In this event, Rob Atkinson presents Explaining International Broadband Leadership, which examines OECD nations through in-depth case studies and statistical analysis. The report answers key questions, including:

  • Why is the United States ranked 15th among 30 OECD nations in broadband take-up and why are nations like Korea, Japan and Sweden ranked so highly?
  • How much of our lagging performance has to do with policy factors? How much with non-policy factors?
  • Is the perfect broadband policy model overseas, just waiting for us to adopt it lock, stock and barrel?
  • What, if anything, can we learn about broadband policy from other nations?
  • What should the United States do to boost our broadband performance?