The Case for a National Manufacturing Strategy

April 26, 2011

U.S. manufacturing is in crisis, with almost 6 million jobs lost and 42,000 factories closed over the last decade. Even worse, we are losing know-how and ultimately control over our future. While the U.S. retains important strengths, U.S. manufacturing competitiveness is slipping rapidly. There is no reason to resign ourselves to defeat or to sugarcoat the challenges we face. We possess the tools, talent, and resources to revive manufacturing. But to do so we need a national strategy for manufacturing renewal. This is the message of the ITIF report called, The Case for a National Manufacturing Strategy for the United States. The report explains the five key reasons why we need to act quickly and boldly to revitalize our manufacturing sector. In this event, ITIF hosts a thought-provoking discussion on the urgent but winnable battle to restore U.S. manufacturing competitiveness.