Building the Broadband Economy and Society

October 19, 2007

Ubiquitous deployment of high speed broadband services promises a host of economic and social benefits. At this forum, leading national experts will discuss not only how new “killer apps” in these areas can spur further broadband adoption, but how further broadband progress can spur economic growth, better and cheaper health care, and citizen empowerment and stronger engagement in civic life. However, realizing these benefits will require continued deployment and adoption of high-speed broadband and the right public policies to support that. The forum will begin by examining a key foundational question in the debate over broadband policy: is the state of broadband markets competitive enough to ensure that broadband fulfills its promise? Two leading broadband economists will present new research papers examining this issue. Finally, as we approach the 2008 Presidential election, national broadband policy is sure to play a role not only in the campaigns of candidates but in the governance of the next administration. A leading member of Congress will discuss the importance of broadband policy for the next administration.

Please join the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation and a distinguished panel of experts for a discussion of the current state of broadband competition, how public policy can spur cutting-edge, “killer apps,” and the kind of policies needed to enable America to full advantage of the new broadband world.