The Atlantic Century 2011: Benchmarking U.S. and EU Innovation and Competitiveness

July 19, 2011

Two years ago, ITIF published The Atlantic Century: Benchmarking U.S. and EU Innovation and Competitiveness. The report’s conclusion that the United States was rapidly losing ground in today’s global, innovation-driven economy stunned many people. Leading public officials, CEOs and journalists began citing the report in their call for a renewal of U.S. innovation and new strategies for competing. 

As the nation grapples with how to respond to this generation’s “Sputnik moment,” ITIF unveils an update of the report. ITIF has added six new countries – Argentina, Chile, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa and Turkey – to the list of over 40 countries the United States is measured against. The updated report compares individual U.S. states against this diverse group of nations. These new features aside, what has not changed is the urgent, difficult, but ultimately surmountable challenge the U.S. faces to regain its leadership as an innovator.