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US v. Apple: Whither The Limits of Antitrust?

US v. Apple: Whither The Limits of Antitrust?
Wednesday, May 1, 202412:00 PM to 1:00 PM EST
Virtual Webinar

Event Summary

The U.S. Justice Department’s recent landmark antitrust lawsuit against Apple has added fuel to the already heated debate about the role of competition policy in addressing concerns about “Big Tech.” As Apple faces allegations of monopolizing smartphone markets, the DOJ’s action raises critical questions about the legal standard for evaluating product design decisions, the role and limits of antitrust enforcement, and the future of American innovation amidst the government’s ongoing antitrust crusade against large technology companies. Is this a case about protecting competition, competitors, or something else still? Does the DOJ’s action pose a fundamental challenge to Apple’s business model? Who is likely to prevail in court?

Watch now for an expert panel discussion about the merits and implications of the DOJ’s lawsuit against Apple.


Alden Abbott@AldenAbbott1
Senior Research Fellow
Mercatus Center
Joseph V.
Joseph V. Coniglio@JosephVConiglio
Director, Antitrust and Innovation Policy
Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
Rebecca Haw Allensworth
David Daniels Allen Distinguished Chair of Law
Vanderbilt University
Keith Hylton
William Fairfield Warren Distinguished Professor; Professor of Law
Boston University; Boston University School of Law
Douglas Melamed@dougmelamed
Visiting Fellow; Scholar in Residence
Stanford Law School; USC Gould School of Law
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