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Data as the Foundation: Privacy, Policy, and Artificial Intelligence

August 29, 2023
Event Host: The Data Foundation
Virtual Only
Gillian Diebold@g1lliandiebold
Former Policy Analyst
Center for Data Innovation

The event series, "Data-Driven Governance: Exploring the Federal Government's AI Landscape," provides a comprehensive exploration of the federal government's readiness for the AI era. Throughout the three one-hour events, participants will delve into topics such as privacy, evidence-informed policymaking, healthcare transformation, and private sector collaboration. By engaging with expert speakers and thought leaders, attendees will gain valuable insights into the responsible use of data-driven AI technologies, the challenges and opportunities involved, and the potential for collaborative efforts between the government and private sector to shape a data-driven future that benefits society as a whole.

In the first event of the series, "Data as the Foundation: Privacy, Policy, and Artificial Intelligence," we delve into the federal government's thinking on cutting edge AI technologies, as well what must be considered to help ensure the government data is “AI-Ready.” This session aims to explore the intersection of technology, privacy considerations, evidence-informed policymaking, and the responsible use of AI technologies, including generative AI.

Gillian Diebold speaks about the data divide and government readiness.

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