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A Realist Climate Policy: Driving Clean Tech to Price/Performance Parity

A Realist Climate Policy: Driving Clean Tech to Price/Performance Parity
Tuesday, July 25, 202310:30 AM to 12:00 PM EST
Information Technology and Innovation Foundation700 K St NWSuite 600 Washington DC, 20001

Event Summary

Climate change is a global problem, so it demands global solutions. Low-income countries are key, because that’s where energy demand is growing fastest and where clean tech is most needed—and they will never choose green at the expense of growth (nor will most rich countries). Policies and programs must therefore focus on driving clean energy solutions toward price and performance parity (“P3”) with old, dirty ones. As clean solutions reach the P3 threshold, markets will do the heavy lifting to deploy and rapidly disseminate them at the global scale necessary to achieve a green transition.

Watch now for the release event for the important new report and panel discussion on why P3 must be the new lens governments that governments must use to decide which clean energy technologies to support and how to support them.


Robert D.
Robert D. Atkinson@RobAtkinsonITIF
Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
Robin Gaster@RobinGaster5
Research Director
Center for Clean Energy Innovation
Armond Cohen@ArmondCohen1
Executive Director
Clean Air Task Force
Samuel Thernstrom@samthernstrom
Founder and Executive Director
Energy Innovation Reform Project
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