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Strategic Autonomy and Europe’s Shattered Single Market

March 22, 2023
Event Host: European Centre for International Political Economy
Virtual Webinar
Aurelien Portuese@aurelienportues
Director, Schumpeter Project on Competition Policy

The EU is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the European Single Market. However, regulatory convergence has reversed or stalled in almost all policy areas for many years now. On top of the well-recognised “Single Market Fatigue”, new policies designed for competition, investments and digital markets created additional layers of fragmented regulation to EU and Member State law.

Differences in language and varying national laws for business conduct leave EU Member States, especially small ones, with a structural disadvantage at a time where investments, innovation and value added are increasingly generated outside Europe.

Aurelien Portuese speaks with ECIPE at their virtual webinar, "Strategic Autonomy and Europe’s Shattered Single Market."

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