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The Meaning of Competition: Assertive Antitrust Enforcement and the Digital Economy

The Meaning of Competition: Assertive Antitrust Enforcement and the Digital Economy
Wednesday, November 3, 2021
Institute of Economic Affairs2 Lord North StreetLondon London, SW1

Event Summary

In May 1946, Friedrich A. Hayek delivered the seminal Stafford Little Lecture at Princeton University, where his influential ideas of competition as a rivalrous process by which information is discovered were laid down.

Celebrating the 75th anniversary of “The Meaning of Competition,” this conference on November 4, 2021 reinvigorated Hayek’s legacy in these times of aggressive antitrust enforcement in the digital economy.

Jointly organized by ITIF’s Schumpeter Project on Competition Policy and the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), this conference, held at the IEA’s offices at Lord North Street in the heart of Westminster, featured world-leading experts, officials, and scholars, who debated current concepts and misconceptions of the meaning of competition in the digital era.

Recognized as the most influential think tank in the United Kingdom, the IEA’s history is closely associated with Hayak’s ideas. Ranked as the world’s most authoritative think tank for science and technology, ITIF recently launched The Schumpeter Project on Competition Policy to rethink the way we approach competition issues in a rapidly changing market environment.


Michael Grenfell
Executive Director
Board of the Competition and Markets Authority
Thibault Schrepel@LeConcurrential/media
Assistant Professor & Faculty Affiliate
Utrecht University School of Law & Stanford University
Joe Perkins
Senior Vice President and Head of Research
Christian Ahlborn
Global Head of Linklaters’ Antitrust & Foreign Investment Group
Benedict Evans
Independent Analyst
Cento Veljanovski
Managing Partner and Founder
Case Associates
Mikołaj Barczentewicz
Senior Lecturer in Law
University of Surrey
Renato Nazzini
Professor of Law
King’s College London
Philip Booth
Senior Academic Fellow
Institute of Economic Affairs
Diane Coyle
Bennett Professor of Public Policy
University of Cambridge
Aurelien Portuese
Former Director, Schumpeter Project on Competition Policy
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