Can Biden Protect US Digital Interests in Europe With a New Strategy of “Realpolitik”?

Tuesday, June 8, 2021 - 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

High on President Biden’s agenda as he travels to Europe this month for G7 and NATO summit meetings will be discussions to mend the rift in transatlantic relations that President Trump exacerbated with his blustery America First posturing. But if the president believes he can easily restore transatlantic relations to their former state he is likely in for a rude awakening. Nowhere is this more obvious than in Europe’s increasing aggression toward U.S. technology companies as manifest in its protectionist efforts to achieve “digital sovereignty.” While the president should seek a stronger alliance with European allies, particularly against China, he should not “give away the store” by sacrificing U.S economic and technology interests simply to make amends.

ITIF hosted an expert panel discussion discussing EU-US digital trade relations and what both governments should do to foster closer relations without sacrificing U.S. digital innovation.

06/08/2021 10:0006/08/2021 11:00America/New_YorkITIF Event: Can Biden Protect US Digital Interests in Europe With a New Strategy of “Realpolitik”?WebinarMore information:
Frances G. Burwell
Distinguished Fellow
Atlantic Council
Paul Hofheinz
President, Executive Director and Co-Founder
The Lisbon Council
Alina Polyakova
President and CEO
Center for European Policy Analysis
Robert D. Atkinson
Information Technology and Innovation Foundation