What’s Next on the EU’s Proposed AI Law?

Wednesday, May 5, 2021 - 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Virtual Webinar

Policymakers will need to consider a number of key issues as they debate the European Commission’s proposed law to regulate artificial intelligence (AI). Most agree on the goal of strengthening European competitiveness in the global economy, but views diverge on how to achieve that without putting European businesses at a disadvantage. For example, some policymakers want to see requirements for algorithmic explainability and transparency, plus ex-ante risk assessments, while others are more willing to embrace soft-law solutions such as self-regulation. In reaching a consensus, lawmakers will need to decide how to strike the right balance between protecting consumers and encouraging innovation, how to avoid unintended consequences, and how to prevent a chilling effect on AI development and growth in Europe.

ITIF's Center for Data Innovation hosted an expert panel discussion about the EU’s AI legislation, including its feasibility, impact, and efficacy.

Watch on the Center's website.

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Kilian Gross
Head of Unit, Artificial Intelligence Policy Development and Coordination, DG CONNECT
European Commission
Svenja Hahn
Member of the Special Committee on Artificial Intelligence in a Digital Age
European Parliament
Cornelia Kutterer
Senior Director for EU Government Affairs (AI, Privacy and Digital Policies)
Annika Linck
Senior EU Policy Manager
European Digital SME Alliance
Axel Voss
Member of Parliament
European Parliament’s Special Committee on Artificial Intelligence in a Digital Age
Benjamin Mueller
Senior Policy Analyst
Center for Data Innovation