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Dynamic Antitrust Discussion Series: “Big Tech and the Digital Economy”

Dynamic Antitrust Discussion Series: “Big Tech and the Digital Economy”
Friday, April 23, 202110:00 AM to 10:45 AM EDT
Virtual Webinar

Event Summary

What is the importance of technological disruption for economic prosperity and for the competitive environment? How should we organize policies to ensure greater innovation? Joseph Schumpeter pioneered the analysis of innovation with his intuitions that an endless process of creative destruction was taking place. In The Power of Creative DestructionPhilippe Aghion and his co-authors provide a refreshing and intellectually stimulating depiction of the Schumpeterian insights applied to our present day's disruptive innovations.

ITIF and Competition Policy International hosted the fourth in a series of discussions on “dynamic antitrust,” in which Aurelien Portuese, ITIF’s director of antitrust and innovation policy, sits down with leading scholars and antitrust enforcers in Washington, Brussels, and elsewhere to discuss the path forward in making antitrust a foundation for innovation.


Philippe Aghion
College de France, LSE, & INSEAD
Aurelien Portuese@aurelienportues
Director, Schumpeter Project on Competition Policy
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