Building E-Government Services to Perform in the Next National Emergency

Wednesday, April 15, 2020 - 12:00 PM to 12:45 PM
Video Webinar

Modern government websites should be fast, secure, and reliable. Unfortunately, a new ITIF report has found that over half of state unemployment insurance websites crashed in the past few weeks as Americans went online to apply for benefits. Since most of these government offices were closed to in-person applicants, this has left millions of unemployed Americans frustrated and without access to key government services. Why did so many websites fail, what can states do about the problem now, and how should they prepare for the future?

ITIF hosted a video webinar to discuss initial lessons learned and best practices for building modern e-government solutions.

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04/15/2020 12:0004/15/2020 12:45America/New_YorkITIF Event: Building E-Government Services to Perform in the Next National EmergencyVideo Webinar More information:
Daniel Castro
Vice President, ITIF, and Director, Center for Data Innovation
Brian Anderson
Chief Technology Officer
Dustin Haisler
Chief Innovation Officer