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Digital Trade and Health Services and Data

October 9, 2019
Nigel Cory@nigelcory
Associate Director, Trade Policy
Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

Nigel Cory gave a presentation at the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) Public Forum on “Digital Trade and Health: Data Flows and Data Governance.” The panel was co-organized by ITIF and the Geneva Network. This session featured speakers from a range of countries and sectors to explore the potential for developing countries in the area of digital trade in health services. Cory’s presentation analyzes the benefits of data-driven health services and research, “real world data,” data poverty, why health data needs to flow freely across borders, various restrictions on health data transfers and the impact of these, and various mechanisms to protect and support the free flow of health data, including through e-commerce negotiations at the WTO. The presentation was based, in part, on a recent Center for Data Innovation report: The Promise of Data-Driven Drug Development.

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