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The Role of the DOE National Labs in the 21st Century Innovation Economy

The Role of the DOE National Labs in the 21st Century Innovation Economy
Tuesday, September 16, 201409:00 AM to 10:30 AM 
Rayburn House Office Building45 Independence Avenue SW2325 Washington District Of Columbia

Event Summary

Since their inception in the 1940’s, the Department of Energy (DOE) National Labs have been in the vanguard of America’s global innovation leadership. While their initial focus was on developing and engineering the world’s first atomic bomb, the Labs now conduct more than $12.5 billion in publicly funded research and development (R&D) on a wide range of national issues, including energy, physics, nuclear weapons management, and advanced materials. In addition, the Labs collaborate with the industry and universities, bringing its world-class capabilities to solve private sector and academic problems. Without a doubt, the Labs have played a central role in developing breakthrough science and technologies during the past 60 years.

Yet, the Labs are even more important in the rapidly changing 21st century innovation economy and keeping the United States at the cutting edge of science and technology. Please join the House Science and National Labs Caucus, the Center for Clean Energy Innovation, and panel of experts from industry and Labs to discuss the fundamental role the Labs play in spurring U.S. innovation and the leading capabilities and research currently being developed.


Matthew Stepp
Former Director of the Center for Clean Energy Innovation
Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
Julia Phillips
Chief Technology Officer
Sandia National Laboratory
Todd Allen
Senior Fellow
Third Way
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