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International Broadband Quality: How's that Policy Working?

Monday, June 17, 201312:00 PM to 1:30 PM EST
ITIF1101 K Street, NWSuite 610A Washington District Of Columbia, 20005

Event Summary

The United States and Europe have chosen different policy models for broadband: While the U. S. emphasizes "facilities-based competition" and mobile technology freedom for broadband networks, Europe follows a "structural separation" regime for wireline networks and a single technology mandate for mobile. Theoretically, the European model should produce lower prices, while the U. S. model should enable greater innovation, but the results are not always as predicted.

ITIF will host a panel discussion of leading experts from both sides of the Atlantic who will evaluate the present state of broadband networks in the U. S. and Europe, highlighting areas of remarkable success and clear failure in the two contexts, as well as unexpected results.


Robert D.
Robert D. Atkinson@RobAtkinsonITIF
Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
Roslyn Layton
Vice President, Strand Consult
Ph.D. Fellow, Aalborg University, Center for Communication, Media and Information Studies
Jeffrey A.
Jeffrey A. Eisenach
Senior Vice President
NERA Economic Consulting
Martin Thelle
Managing Director
Copenhagen Economics
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