in silico: How IT is Changing Medical Research

Tuesday, March 17, 2009 -
1:00 PM to 2:30 PM
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Traditionally, health researchers conduct in vivo or in vitro studies-medical studies using either living organisms or test tubes. But recent advances in IT from processing power to storage have opened up the possibility of conducting in silico studies, or medical studies conducted by computer simulations or computer modeling. Today, a variety of projects exist to harness massive amounts of computing power and data to tackle important health issues—from cancer research to real-time biosurveillance to drug safety to monitoring trends in the flu season.

Please join ITIF for a conversation with a distinguished panel of experts from some of the leading projects in this field to discuss how IT is shaping medical research. In addition, this event will explore possible national strategies to advance these technologies for the benefit of all Americans.

Daniel Castro
Vice President
Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
Allyson Schwartz
U.S. House of Representatives
Nancy Johnson
Senior Public Policy Advisor
Baker Donelson
Kenneth Buetow
NCI Center for Bioinformatics
Chalapathy Neti
Executive Architect, Information Agenda for Healthcare
IBM Research
Lynn Etheredge
Consultant and researcher on rapid learning health networks