Unaffiliated Experts

Greg Walden (Invited)
Jamie Barnett, Rear Admiral (Ret.)
Co-Chair of Telecommunications Group
Rasika Abeysinghe
Laurie Actman
Chief Operating Officer
Steven Adler
Chief Information Strategist
Allan Adler
Vice President of Government Affairs
Paul Aiken
Executive Director
Sandra Aistars
Joris Al
General Director
Edward Alden
Bernard L. Schwartz Senior Fellow
Hahna Alexander
Joseph Alhadeff
VP, Global Public Policy and Chief Privacy Strategist
Richard Allan
Vice President Public Policy - Europe, Middle East and Africa
Todd Allen
Deputy Laboratory Director
Joe Allen
Former President
John Alty
Chief Executive and Comptroller General
Debra M. Amidon
Margot Anderson
Executive Director of the Energy Project
Jason Anderson
Executive Vice President
Margaret Anderson
Executive Director
Ronnie Andrews
President of Medical Sciences
Ronald Arkin
Regents' Professor, Associate Dean for Research and Space Planning School of Interactive Computing
Lynn Armbrust
Technology Enablement & Process Design Executive
Robert C. Atkinson
Director of Policy Research
Richard Van Atta
Research Staff
David Audretsch
Distinguished Professor
Philip Auerswald
Senior Fellow
Robert Axtell
Professor and Chair
Rebecca Bagley
President and Chief Executive Officer
Ahmad Bahai
Chief Technology Officer
Martin Neil Baily
Director of the Business and Public Policy Initiative
Frank Baitman
Chief Information Officer
Dean Baker
Matt Baker
Program Officer
Stephen Balkam
Chief Executive Officer
James Baller
Alan P. Balutis
Senior Director and Distinguished Fellow
Professor Sanjay Banerjee
Director of the Microelectronics Research Center
Kevin Bankston
Director of the Free Expression Project
Andrew Baranak
Industrial Designer & Research Scientist
Paul Barbagallo
Managing Editor
Ron Barber
U.S. Representative
Claude Barfield
Resident Scholar
Charlene Barshefsky
Senior International Partner, WilmerHale
Ronald J. Bartek
Co-founder and President
Genie Barton
VP/Director, Online Behavioral Advertising Program
Alicia Barton
Chief Executive Officer
Steve Bauer
Research Affiliate
Coleman D. Bazelon
Howard Beales
Associate Professor of Strategic Management and Public Policy
Robert Bectel
Senior Policy Advisor/Chief Technology Officer
Eric Beinhocker
Executive Director
Scott Belcher
President and CEO
Stuart Benjamin
Stephen Bennet
Angel Investor
Richard Bennett
Former Staff
Matt Bennett
Vice President for Public Affairs
Ami Bera
United States Congress
Robin D. Beran
Chief Tax Officer and Director, Global Tax & Trade
Marc Berejka
Senior Director, Technology Policy and Strategy
Jeff Bergeron
Chief Technology Officer, U.S. Public Sector
John Bergmayer
Senior Staff Attorney
Eric Berkobin
Vice President, Engineering
Elana Berkowitz
Jerry Berman
Daniel Berninger
Phillip G. Bernstein
Vice President
Cathy Betz
Vice President, Government Affairs
Steven J. Betza
Corporate Director, Advanced Manufacturing & Development
Engelbert Beyer
Head, Innovation Strategies
Karan K. Bhatia
VP and Senior Counsel, International Law and Policy
Neeta A. Bidwai
Senior Policy Advisor
Brian Bieron
Senior Director of Federal Affairs
Katarzyna Bitka
Ron Blackwell
Chief Economist
Jim Blakley
Cloud Services Solutions Director
Rebecca M. Blank
Deputy Secretary
Thomas Bleha
Fred Block
Professor of Sociology
Seth Bloom
General Counsel
Nicholas Bloom
Professor of Economics
Shirley Bloomfield
Chief Executive Officer
Stephen Blosser
Assistive Technology Specialist
J.C. Boggs
Mark Bohr
Director of Process Architecture and Integration
Mark Bolgiano
Director, Enterprise Architecture and Strategy
Yael Borofsky
Doug Bourgeois
Vice President, Chief Cloud Executive, Public Sector
Cynthia Bouthot
Kevin Brady
United States Representative
Ike Brannon
Peter Brantley
Director of Access
Aaron Brauer-Rieke
Ron Plesser Fellow
Laura Breeden
Program Director for Public Computing and Broadband Adoption
Dean R. Brenner
Vice President, Government Affairs
Eric Bridges
Director of Advocacy and Government Affairs
Timothy Brightbill
David Brin
John Broder
Chris Bronk
Baker Institute fellow in technology, society and public policy
Neil Brown
Staff Member
Austin L. Brown
Senior Analyst
Sherrod Brown
U.S. Senator
Scott Brown
U.S. Senator
Kathryn C. Brown
Senior Adjunct Fellow
Mary Brown
Director of Government Affairs
Scott P. Bruder
Senior Vice President and Chief Science and Technology Officer
Jeff Brueggeman
Vice President, Public Policy
Kenneth Buetow
Kevin Bullis
Senior Editor for Energy
Tonio Buonassisi
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Sharon E. Burke
Assistant Secretary for Operational Energy Plans and Programs
Jeff Burnstein
Gary Burtless
Senior Fellow, Economic Studies
Debra Cabral
General Manager and Senior Managing Director
Hilary Cain
Director, Tech and Innovation Policy
Chris Caine
Vice President, Governmental Programs
Mark Eliot Caine
Research Fellow
Michael Calabrese
John Calverley
Head, Economics Research
Richard Campbell
Chief Technologist
Annabelle Canning
Richard Carback
Graduate Student
Teresa H. Carlson
VP Worldwide Public Sector
Jot Carpenter
Vice President, Government Affairs
Tom Carper
U.S. Senator
Ann Cavoukian
Information and Privacy Commissioner
Ann Cavoukian
Information and Privacy Commissioner
Vint Cerf
Chief Internet Evangelist
Shawn Chang
Senior Democratic Counsel
Jason Charron
Executive Director
Lee Cheatham
Chan Heng Chee
Singapore's Ambassador to the United States
Mary Cheh
Dan Chenok
Executive Director, Center for The Business of Government
William Chernicoff
Andrei Cherny
Founder and Co-Editor
Rick Chessen
Senior Vice President, Law & Regulatory Policy
Jeff Chester
Founder and Executive Director
Netra Chhetri
Professor, School of Geographical Sciences
Aneesh Chopra
Chief Technology Officer of the United States
James W. Cicconi
Senior Executive Vice President
Rick Cimerman
Vice President of External and State Affairs
Dan Clancy
Engineering Director
Larra Clark
Director, Program on Networks
Jeremy Clark
PhD Student
Bartlett D. Cleland
Policy Counsel
Scott Cleland
Founder and President
Peter M. Cleveland
Vice President, Legal and Corporate Affairs
Andrew Coetzee
Group Vice President, Product Planning
Armond Cohen
Executive Director
Will Coleman
Francis S. Collins
Jake Colvin
Vice President, Global Trade Issues
Robert Colwell
Gerry Connolly
Hon. Stephen Conroy
Deputy Leader of the Opposition
Stephen Conroy
Senator for Victoria
Chris Coons
United States Senator
Mark Cooper
Mark Cooper
Director of Research
Steve Correll
Executive Director
Phil Corwin
Founding Principal
Carlo Cottarelli
Director of Fiscal Affairs
Tyler Cowen
Professor of Economics
Peter F. Cowhey
Qualcomm Endowed Chair in Communications and Technology Policy
Wendell Cox
Peter Coy
Colin Coyle
Consulting Principle for Public Sector Critical Facilities Services
James Craige
Victor Cramer
Financial Counselor
Robert Crandall
Senior Fellow, Economic Studies
John Cranford
Managing Editor for Enterprise Reporting
Gwyneth Cravens
Rosaline Crawford
Director of Law and Advocacy
Steve Crawford
Research Professor
Susan Crawford
Joe Crosby
Steven J. Crowley
Consulting Engineer
Richard Culatta
Deputy Director
Richard A. D'Aveni
The Bakala Professor of Strategy
Thomas M. Dailey
Vice President and Deputy General Counsel
Michael Daniel
Special Assistant to the President and Cybersecurity Coordinator
Jennifer Daniels
General Counsel
Coral Davenport
Energy and Environment Correspondent
Alan Davidson
Visiting Scholar
Tom Davis
Director of Federal Government Affairs
Susan Davis
U.S. Representative
Artur Davis
Phil Davis
Senior Manager of Smart Grid Solutions
John Day
Professor of Computer Science
Brandon De Bruhl
Former Google Policy Fellow
Steve DelBianco
Executive Director
Emily DeRocco
Gururaj Deshpande
Chairma and Co-Founder
Scott Deutchman
Deputy CTO for Telecommunications
Edna DeVries
Central Division Medical Director
Robbie Diamond
President and CEO
Ernest Dianastasis
Managing Director
Kent Dicks
Chief Executive Officer
John Dimsdale
Washington, D.C. Bureau Chief
Thomas Dohrmann
Rep. Robert Dold
U.S. Representative
Mark Doms
Under Secretary of Commerce Economic Affairs
Travis Doom
Program Specialist
Scott Doron
Dennis Dotson
David Douglas
Senior Fellow
Eli Dourado
Research Fellow
Larry Downes
Internet Industry Analyst and Author
Larry Downes
Project Director
Fred Downey
Vice President, National Security
Laura Drees
Policy Intern
Krista Drobac
Policy Advisor
Han Duk-soo
South Korean Ambassador to the United States
John Dunham
Director and President
Soumitra Dutta
Dorothy Dwoskin
Senior Director
Nicholas Eberstadt
Henry Wendt Scholar
Takashi Ebihara
Senior Director
Haley Sweetland Edwards
William D. Eggers
Global Director, Public Sector Industry
Vernon Ehlers
Former Member
Everett Ehrlich
Mark Eichorn
Assistant Director
Charles Eigenbrot
Principal Scientist
Jeff Eisenach
Managing Director and Principal
Mark Elliot
Executive V.P. Global Intellectual Property Center
Pete Engardio
Senior Writer
John Engler
Evan Engstrom
Policy Director
Jonathan Epstein
Staff Member
Robert S. Epstein
Chief Medical Officer
Dieter Ernst
Senior Fellow and Professor
Barbara Esbin
Senior Fellow and Director
Amy Eskilson
CEO and President
Victoria Espinel
Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator
Aleks Essex
PhD Student
Jamie Estrada
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Manufacturing
Lynn Etheredge
Consultant and researcher on rapid learning health networks
Cameron Evans
Chief Technology Officer, U.S. Education
Karen Evans
Former Administrator for E-Government and IT
Leigh Ewbank
Brad Fain
Technical Director
James Fallows
National Correspondent
David Farber
Blake Farenthold
United States Congress
Joseph Farrell
Director of the Bureau of Economics
Paul Feenstra
Senior Vice for Government and External Affairs
Harold Feld
Senior Vice President
Beth Felder
Director of Federal Affairs
Fort Felker
Center Director
Pilar Fernandez
Minister Counselor
Carsten Fink
Chief Economist
Kevin Finneran
Ian Fletcher
Chief Executive
C. Fritz Foley
Associate Professor
J. Randy Forbes
United States Congress
George Ford
Chief Economist
Mark Forman
Former Administrator for E-Government and IT
Rana Foroohar
Assistant Managing Editor
David Forrest
Senior Advisor to the Chief Technology Officer
Susan Fox
Vice President
Amy Francetic
Chief Executive Officer
Malcolm Frank
Executive Vice President, Strategy & Marketing
Joshua Freed
Vice President for Clean Energy
Neil Fried
Chief Counsel
Erica Fuchs
Douglas Fuller
Professor, Department of Business Administration
Tracee Fultz
Life Sciences Transfer Pricing Leader
Isabel Galiana
Professor of Economics
Cory Gardner
United States Congress
James Gattuso
Senior Research Fellow
Scott Gaydos
Chief Technologist
Julius Genachowski
Jonathan Gifford
Director, Center for Transportation Public-Private Partnership Policy
Juan Gilbert
T-SYS Distinguished Associate Professor
Phil Giudice
Chief Executive Officer
Brett Glass
Paul Glastris
Editor in Chief
Andrea Glorioso
Counsellor, Digital Agenda and ICT
Jere Glover
Executive Director
Larry Goldberg
Director of Media Access
Zachary A. Goldfarb
Staff Writer
Daniel Goldfarb
Program Director
Jason Goldman
Julian Goldman
Medical Director of Biomedical Engineering
Debbie Goldman
Telecommunications Policy Director
Gordon Goldstein
Managing Director and Head of External Affairs
Jimmy Goodrich
Director of Global Policy
Kara Goolman
Austan Goolsbee
Bart Gordon
Former Chairman
Hon. Barton J. Gordon
Nate Gorence
Associate Director, Energy Innovation
Samir Goswami
Director of Government Professional Solutions
Mark Grady
Jeremy Grant
Senior Executive Advisor
Chuck Gray
Executive Director
Ed Gray
Vice President of Legislative & Regulatory Affairs
Christopher Green
Professor of Economics
Drew Greenblatt
Melvin Greer
Senior Fellow and Chief Strategist Cloud Computing
Jodie Griffin
Staff Attorney
Britta Gross
Director, Advanced Vehicle Commercialization Policy
Daniel Gross
Senior Editor
Grant Gross
Washington correspondent
Juliana Gruenwald
Marc Gunther
Contributing Editor
Arvind Gupta
Ilan Gur
Senior Advisor for Commercialization
Joel Gurin
Senior Advisor
Christopher Guttman-McCabe
Vice President, Regulatory Affairs
Lloyd Hackel
Jerald Hage
Professor Emeritus and Co-Director of Center for Innovation
Dean Hairston
Joann Halpern
Terry Halvorsen
Chief Information Officer
Paul Hamilton
Vice President, Government Affairs
Matthew Hancock
Minister of Skills, MP
Hannu Hanhijärvi
Executive Director
Michelle Hanlon
Associate Professor of Accounting
Leslie Harris
Richard Harris
Correspondent, Science Desk
Jason Harrison
Director, Emerging Enterprises and Partnerships
David M. Hart
Director of The Center for Science and Technology Policy
Kim Hart
Technology Reporter
William F. Hartman
Executive Vice President
Magnus Härviden
Counselor, Science and Technology
Orrin Hatch
U.S. Senator
Dale N. Hatfield
Executive Director
Steven F. Hayward
F. K. Weyerhaeuser Fellow
Thomas W. Hazlett
Professor of Law and Economics
Denny Heck
United States Congress
Bill Hefley
Bruce J. Heiman
Practice Area Leader — Policy / Regulatory
Anke Hellwig
Deputy Director of International Business Development
Niels Heltberg
Minister Counselor
David Hemker
Chief Technology Officer
Bracken Hendricks
Senior Fellow
Baron Hill
Former Member
Ron Hira
Associate Professor and Acting Chair
Bill Hoagland
Senior Vice President
Fred Hochberg
Chairman and President
Lincoln Hoewing
Vice President, Internet and Technology Policy
Martin Hoffert
Professor Emeritus of Physics
Robert Hoffman
Vice President of Government and Public Affairs
Lance Hoffman
Distinguished Research Professor
Paul Hofheinz
President, Executive Director and Co-Founder
Wendolyn Holland
Krisztina Holly
Vice Provost for Innovation
Rush Holt
John Horrigan
Independent Communications and Technology Policy Consultant
Eugene Huang
Senior Advisor to the Chief Technology Officer
Pearl Huang
Vice President
Zack Hudgins
United States Congress
Gary Clyde Hufbauer
Reginald Jones Senior Fellow
Gary Hufbauer
Reginald Jones Senior Fellow
Kevin Huffman
Executive Vice President of Public Affairs
Kent Hughes
Director, Program on America and the Global Economy
Charles R. Hulten
Professor of Economics
Hank Hultquist
Vice President, Federal Regulatory
Matthew Hussey
Legislative Assistant
Jung Hyup
Senior Researcher
C. Fred Higgs III
Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Jill Ingrassia
Managing Director, Government Relations and Traffic Safety Advocacy department
Alan Inouye
Jay Inslee
Greg Ip
U.S. Economics Editor
John Irons
Research and Policy Director
Larry Irving
President and CEO
David Isaacs
Vice President
Johnny Isakson
United States Senator
David Israelite
President and CEO
Charles Jackson
Adjunct Professor of Electrical Engineering
Paul E. Jacobs
Chief Executive Officer
Heidi Jacobus
Sallie James
Trade Policy Analyst
Dr. William Janeway
Senior Advisor
Waldo Jaquith
Kenan Patrick Jarboe
Robert Jarrin
Senior Director of Government Affairs
Kirby Jefferson
General Manager
Jesse Jenkins
Director of Energy and Climate Policy
David Jeppsen
Vice President
John Jimison
Managing Director
Curtis Johnson
Managing Partner
Bill Johnson
United States Congress
Nicholas Johnson
Visiting Professor of Law
Carrie Johnson
Justice Correspondent
Jim Johnston
Telecommunications Attorney
James H. Johnston
Digby Jones
Kofi Jones
Vice President of Public Relations and Government Affairs
Scott Jordan
Professor of Computer Science
Sunjoy Joshi
Joseph W. Waz, Jr.
Senior Vice President, External Affairs and Public Policy Counsel
Tom Schenk Jr.
Director of Analytics
Roger Pielke, Jr.
Professor of Environmental Studies
John Windhausen Jr.
Thomas Kalil
Deputy Director for Policy
Jonathan (Josh) S. Kallmer
Senior Vice President, Global Policy
John M. Kamensky
Senior Fellow
Kristen Kane
National Purposes Director
Shaun Kane
Assistant Professor
Rosabeth Moss Kanter
Ernest L. Arbuckle Professorship
John Kao
Rick Kaplan
Bureau Chief
Paul Kaplan
Program Manager
David Kappos
Under Secretary of Commerce
Patrik Kärrberg
Associate Researcher
Rajat Kathuria
Director and Chief Executive
Bruce Katz
Leah Katz-Hernandez
Mohit Kaushal
Edward Kazenske
Senior Director of Patent Prosecution Strategy and Relations
Jason Kearns
Minority Chief Trade Counsel
Tim Keeler
Matthew Keller
Assistant Professor
Kyle Keller
Cloud Business Director
Tim Kelly
Lead ICT Policy Specialist
Randall Kempner
Executive Director
Miles Keogh
Director, Grants and Research
Thomas M. Kerr
Senior Energy Analyst
Karen Kerrigan
President and CEO
Riz Khaliq
Director of Marketing & Communications
Ro Khanna
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Domestic Operations
Pramod Khargonekar
Assistant Director, Engineering Directorate
Rajeev Khushu
Director of Corporate Affairs
Amanda Kibbe
Energy Policy Intern
Roger D. Kilmer
Suk Joon Kim
Ron Kind
United States Representative
Landon S. King
Vice Dean for Research
Kathleen Kingscott
Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships
Kathleen N. Kingscott
Director, Global Strategic Partnership
Ron Klein
Ezra Klein
Joseph Klimavicz
Abraham Klink
Former Health Care Minister
Eric Klinker
Chief Executive Officer
Amy Klobuchar
U.S. Senator
Julius Knapp
Chief Office of Engineering and Technology
Lee Knife
Executive Director
Ted Kolderie
Karen Kornbluh
U.S. Ambassador to the OECD
Sridhar Kota
Herrick Professor of Engineering
Theresa Kotanchek
Vice President, Sustainable Technologies and Innovation Sourcing
Ritva Koukku-Ronde
Ambassador to the U.S.
Anna-Maria Kovacs
Visiting Senior Policy Scholar
Bill Krenik
Chief Technologist, HVL
David Kreutzer
Research Fellow
Eliza Krigman
Matt Krupnick
Government Affairs Policy Counsel
Fred Krupp
Ajay Kumar
Joint Secretary in the Department of Electronics & Information Technology
Marja Kuosmanen
Minister Counselor for Economic Affairs
Lisa Kuuttila
Helar Laasik
Chief Expert
William R. LaFontaine
Vice President, Technical Strategy & Worldwide Operations, Research
Fernando Laguarda
Vice President
John A. “Skip” Laitner
Director of Economic and Social Analysis
Brian Landes
Technology Leader
Kevin Landy
Former Chief Counsel
Russ Langford
Head of Federal Consulting Services
Justin Langseth
President & CEO
Sharon Laskowski
Computer Scientist
Marc Lautenbach
General Manager
Robert Lawrence
Albert L. Williams Professor
Robert Z. Lawrence
Albert L. Williams Professor
Roslyn Layton
Vice President, Strand Consult
Maggi Lazarus
Edward Lazarus
Outgoing Chief of Staff
Minh Le
Director, Solar Energy Technologies
Axel Leblois
Executive Director
John C. Lechleiter
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer
Burton Lee
Lecturer, European Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Tina Lee
Robert LeGrande
Deputy Chief Technical Officer
William Lehr
Research Associate
John Leibovitz
Deputy Chief, Wireless Telecommunications Bureau
Thomas Lenard
President and Senior Fellow
David Leonhardt
Washington, D.C. Bureau Chief
Barry LePatner
Jill Lesser
Executive Director
Zahavah Levine
Head of Content Partnerships
Philip I. Levy
Adjunct Associate Professor of Business Administration
Nathan S. Lewis
George L. Argyros Professor of Chemistry
William Lewis
Former Founding Director
Evan Liddiard
Jonathan Liebenau
Senior Lecturer
Harry Lightsey
Executive Director
Michael Lind
Policy Director
Robert E. Litan
Nonresident Senior Fellow
Amanda Little
Author and Journalist
Emma Llansó
Policy Counsel
Mark Lloyd
Senior Fellow
Jane Long
Peter Lord
Director, Technology Policy
Nicolas Loris
Herbert and Joyce Morgan Fellow
Alan Lotvin
Linda Loubert
Affiliate Researcher
Edward Luce
Chief U.S. Commentator
Rodney Ludema
Chief Economist
Helmuth Ludwig
Ben Luján
United States Congress
Elizabeth Lyle
Policy Advisor
Brendon Lynch
Chief Privacy Officer
Christopher P. Austin, M.D.
Peder Maarbjerg
Assistant Director for External Coordination
Mark MacCarthy
Adjunct Professor
Sasha Mackler
Research Director
Alexis Madrigal
Senior Editor
Peder Magee
Senior Staff Attorney
Robert Mahini
Policy Counsel
Michael C. Maibach
President and CEO
Arun Majumdar
Former Director
David Malkin
Director, Government Affairs and Policy
Elizabeth Malone
Michael Mandel
Chief Economic Strategist
Jennifer Manner
Deputy Chief, Public Safety Bureau
Demetrios Marantis
Deputy USTR
Michael Marcus
Edward Markey
U.S. Senator
Steve Marks
Chief, Digital Business & General Counsel
Jeffrey Marqusee
Executive Director
Donald Marron
Director of Economic Policy Initiatives
Joan Marsh
Vice President of Federal Regulatory Affairs
Preston F. Marshall
Deputy Director of the Information Sciences Institute
Eric Masanet
Morris E. Fine Professor of Materials and Manufacturing
Doris Matsui
United States Congress
Elliot Maxwell
Randolph May
Nick Maynard
Senior Advisor
Merrilea Mayo
John Mayo
Professor of Economics, Business and Public Policy
Susan Palmer Mazrui
Director for Public Policy
Sanal Mazvancheryl
Assistant Professor of Marketing
Mariana Mazzucato
R.M. Phillips Professor in the Economics of Innovation
Andrew McAfee
Principal Research Scientist
Rep. Carolyn McCarthy
U.S. Representative
Leo McCloskey
Senior Vice President, Technical Programs
John McCoskey
Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer
Catherine McCullough
Executive Director
Janet L. McDavid
Tim McDonald
Matt McFarland
Editor, Innovations Blog
Tom Mcgarry
Fellow and VP of Research
Dennis McGinn
Deven McGraw
Jonathan McHale
Deputy Assistant USTR for Telecommunications Policy
Michael McKenzie
Deputy Bureau Chief & Senior Advisor for New Technology
Mark D. McLaughlin
Chief Executive Officer
Reed McManigle
Senior Manager, Business Development and Licensing
Peter McPherson
Don Means
Co-founder and Principle
Bruce Mehlman
Sascha Meinrath
Director, Open Technology Initiative
Joshua Meltzer
Lenny Mendonca
Chair Emeritus
Senator Jeff Merkley
United States Senator
Peter R. Merrill
Director of the National Economics & Statistics Group
Stephen Merrill
Executive Director
Erin Mershon
Technology Reporter
Celia I. Merzbacher
Vice-President, Innovative Partnerships
Steven J. Metalitz
Ann Mettler
Executive Director and Co-Founder
Shelley H. Metzenbaum
Erie Meyer
Senior Advisor to the U.S. Chief Technology Officer
Steve Midgley
Consulting Principal
David Mihalchik
Head of Google Apps for Government
Lew Milford
Jason Miller
Deputy Director
James Miller
Vehicle Technologies Program
Amalia Miller
Assistant Professor
Eric T. Miller
Senior Policy Advisor
Jason Miller
Deputy Director
Karen Mills
Alberto Mingardi
General Director
Paul Misener
Vice President, Global Public Policy
Jordan Misra
Policy Intern
Bryan P. Mistele
President and CEO
Christopher Mitchell
Director of Telecommunications
Klaus Mochalski
CEO and Co-founder
Jim Moran
United States Congress
Jerry Moran
United States Senator
Sandra Moscoso
Deputy Program Manager
Dan Mote
Jane Muir
Patrick Mulloy
Former Five Term Commissioner
James Mulvenon
Jennifer Mulveny
Director, Government Affairs
Craig Mundie
Chief Research and Strategy Officer
Mark Muro
Fellow and Policy Director
John Nakahata
Ari Ne'eman
Karl Nebbia
Deputy Associate Administrator
Michael Nelson
Visiting Professor, Communication, Culture & Technology
Richard R. Nelson
Professor of Economics
Prabir Neogi
Visiting Fellow
Chalapathy Neti
Executive Architect, Information Agenda for Healthcare
Scott Neuman
Manager, Regulatory & Policy Research
Aric Newhouse
Senior Vice President
Matthew C. Nisbet
Associate Professor, School of Communication
Masahiro Nishikawa
Senior Researcher
Alistair Nolan
Senior Economist
Marcus Noland
Deputy Director and Senior Fellow
Ted Nordhaus
Teryn Norris
Beth Noveck
Catherine Novelli
Vice President
Bill Nuti
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Martin O'Malley
David A. O'Neil
Maureen Ohlhausen
Jason M. O’Connor
Vice President, Analysis and Mission Solutions
Michael O’Reirdan
Engineering Fellow
John G. Palfrey
Henry N. Ess III Professor of Law
Diane Palmintera
Carol Paquette
Board Secretary
Ben Park
Executive Director, Corporate Strategy & Development
Johanna Peace
Marcus Peacock
Visiting Scholar
Steven Pearlstein
Business and Economics Columnist
Robert A. Peck
Commissioner, Public Buildings Service
John Peha
Former Chief Technologist
Robert Pepper
Senior Managing Director
Kenneth Peres
Research Economist
Edward A. Pesicka
Senior Vice President and President, Customer Channels
Scott Peters
United States Congress
Morten Elbæk Petersen
Managing Director
Max Peterson
Director and General Manager
James Pethokoukis
Money & Politics Columnist
Rolf Höijer, PhD
Head of Office
Frances Harris, PhD
Research Scientist
Julia Phillips
Chief Technology Officer
Kathleen Phillips
Chief Operating Officer
Staci Pies
Senior Public Policy and Government Relations Counsel
Michael Pillsbury
Director of the Center on Chinese Strategy
Gary Pisano
Harry E. Figgie Professor of Business Administration
Jared Polis
U.S. Representative
Jules Polonetsky
Executive Director and Co-Chair
Brian Pomper
Sean Pool
Stefan Popoveniuc
Doctoral Student
Cameron Powell
President and Chief Medical Officer
Thomas Power
Senior Vice President
Clyde Prestowitz
Founder and President
Clyde V. Prestowitz
David Price
Director of Piracy Analysis
James Prieger
Associate Professor of Public Policy
Ben Pring
Co-Director (AVP), Center for the Future of Work
Gwyn Prins
Professor, Mackinder Programme for the Study of Long Wave Events
Donald Purcell
Whitney Quesenbery
Dan Radomski
Vice President, Industry & Venture Development
Jared William Ragland
Director of Policy
Arti Rai
Ramamoorthy Ramesh
Stan Ratcliffe
John D. Ratliff
Director of Policy
Hunter R. Rawlings
Brian Rayburn
Lead Data Scientist
Steve Rayner
Professor, Saïd Business School
J.J. Raynor
Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy
Claire Reade
Assistant USTR for China Affairs
Andrew Reamer
David Redl
Daniel Reed
Corporate Vice President of Technology Policy and Strategy
Morgan Reed
Executive Director
Edward Reilly
CEO Americas
Jaana Remes
Senior Fellow
Andrew Revkin
Senior Fellow for Environmental Understanding
Elizabeth Reynolds
Doctoral Candidate
Mark A. Riccobono
Executive Director, Jernigan Institute
Mark Rice
Mary Beth Richards
Burton Richter
Nobel Laureate and Director Emeritus
Colleen Robbins
Chief of Online Threat Initiatives
David Robinson
Chief Innovation Officer
Dorothy Robyn
Deputy Under Secretary for Installations and Environment
Marc A. Rodwin
Paul Roehrig
Global Managing Director, Center for the Future of Work
Mike Rogers
Elettra Ronchi
Coordinator of Health ICT Projects
Stephen Rose
Research Professor
Linda Rosen
Chief Executive Officer
Don Rosenberg
General Counsel
Jessica Rosenworcel
Paul Rosenzweig
Paul Rosenzweig
Rick Rossow
Wadhwani Chair in U.S. India Policy Studies
Andrew Roth
Vice President, Government Affairs
Ray Rothrock
Gregg Rothschild
Managing Director of Government Affairs Division
Peter Rothstein
Jonathan Rothwell
Associate Fellow
Jacquelynn Ruff
Vice President
Stuart J. Russell
Stephen Ruth
Professor of Public Policy
Tim Ryan
United States Representative
Peter Rysavy
Brian Sager
Vice President, Corporate Development
Ken Salaets
Jonathan Sallet
Jukka Salminiitty
Alex Salter
Hal Salzman
Dr. Paul Sanberg
President, National Academy of Inventors
Julian Sanchez
Research Fellow
Francisco J. Sánchez
Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade
Jennifer Sanford
Senior Manager, International Trade and Environment
Jennifer Sanford
Senior Manager of International Trade & Energy Policy
Miriam E. Sapiro
Visiting Fellow, Global Economy and Development
Daniel Sarewitz
Mary Saunders
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Manufacturing and Services
Isabel Sawhill
Ray Scheppach
Executive Director
Adam Schiff
Rep. Adam Schiff
United States Congress
Austin Schlick
Martin A. Schmidt
Associate Provost
Martin Schultz
Jason Schulz
Partnership Manager
Henning Schulzrinne
Chief Technology Officer
Alan Schusterman
Founder and Head
Susan C. Schwab
Professor of Public Policy, University of Maryland
Ari Schwartz
Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Bernard L. Schwartz
Chairman and CEO
Allyson Schwartz
Mike Schwenk
Vice President and Director of Commercial Partnerships
Derek Scissors
Resident Scholar
Kate Seelman
Associate Dean
Adam Segal
Senior Fellow
Thomas Sehested
Senior Vice President, Anti-Piracy Solutions
Steve Seiler
Andreas Seiter
Senior Health Specialist
Ambassador Daniel Sepulveda
U.S. Coordinator for International Communications and Information Policy
Peter Sevcik
Ravi Shanker
Global Business Advisor
Robert Shapiro
Co-founder and Chairman
Carl Shapiro
Alan Shark
Executive Director
Emily Shaw
National Policy Manager
Rhod Shaw
Anthony Shaw
Transportation Program Specialist
Robert Sheets
Director of Research, Business Innovation Services
Michael Shellenberger
Henry Sherwin
Graduate Policy Fellow
Willy C. Shih
Professor of Management Practice
Rick Shindell
Beth Shiroishi
Assistant Vice President, Citizenship and Sustainability
Ida Shum
Senior Manager of Business Development
Zach Silk
Veteran political strategist and serial entrepreneur
Blake Simmons
Senior Manager
Emery Simon
Alan Simpson
Vice President of Policy
Nick Sinai
Deputy Chief Technology Officer
Hal J. Singer
Managing Director and Principal
Peter L. Singer
Science and Technology Policy Fellow
Phillip Singerman
Associate Director for Innovation and Industry Services
Shanker A. Singham
Managing Dir.
Bita Sistani
Director of Automotive Business Development for Americas
Greg Slater
Director of Trade and Competition Policy
Adam Smith
U.S. Representative
Stephen Smith
Research Professor of Robotics
Cathy Snyder
Vice President
Nate Soares
Executive Director
David Sohn
Senior Policy Councel
Gigi Sohn
Tim Solms
General Manager for the Department of Defense
Tim Sparapani
Director of Public Policy
Jack Spencer
Senior Research Fellow
James Speta
Professor of Law
Frank Spring
Nancy Staisey
Vice President for Smarter Cities North America
Jay Stanley
Senior Policy Analyst
Matt Stanton
Vice President, Public Affairs/Corp. Social Responsibility
Ian Paul Steff
Vice President, Global Policy and Technology Partnerships
Dan Steinbock
Research Director of International Business
Amie Stepanovich
Senior Policy Counsel
Steven Stewart
Director, Market Access and Trade
Deborah Stine
Assoc. Dir. for Policy Outreach
Bruce Stokes
Senior Transatlantic Fellow
Eliza Strickland
Associate Editor
Lawrence E. Strickling
Assistant Secretary
Martin Sullivan
Chief Economist
Kathryn Summers
Associate Professor
Atsushi Sunami
Associate Professor/Director, Science-Technology Program
S. Shyam Sunder
Director, Engineering Laboratory
Devon Swezey
Project Director
Carl Szabo
Policy Counsel
Berin Szoka
Kim Taipale
Founder and Executive Director
Kim Taipale
Jim Tankersley
Economics Correspondent
Jon Taplin
Managing Director, Annenberg Innovation Lab
Gregory Tassey
Senior Economist
Letha Tawney
Senior Associate
Laura Taylor
Chief Policy Officer
Jerry Taylor
Senior Fellow
Ruy Teixeira
Senior Fellow
Steven Teplitz
Senior Vice President
Steven Tepp
Shane Tews
Vice President
Martin Thelle
Managing Director
Samuel Thernstrom
Senior Climate Policy Advisor
Adam Thierer
Senior Research Fellow
Candace Thille
Rachel Nyswander Thomas
Vice President, Government Affairs
Loren B. Thompson
Chief Operating Officer
Bill Tomlinson
Associate Professor
Brian Toohey
President & Chief Executive Officer
Eric Toone
Principal Deputy Director
Mindel De La Torre
Chief of the International Bureau
Bruce C. Trapnell
Assistant Director, Adult Cystic Fibrosis Center
Douglas Trauner
Monica Trauzzi
Managing Editor and Host
Valérie La Traverse
S&T Counsellor
Alex Trembath
Breakthrough Generation Fellow
Catherine Tucker
Assistant Professor
Chris Tucker
Nicol Turner-Lee
Vice President and Chief Research & Policy Officer
William F. Tyndall
Senior Vice President, Federal Government and Regulatory Affairs
Mark Udall
U.S. Senator
Chris Urmson
Rick Valencia
Vice President and General Manager
Gregg Vanderheiden
Chris Vein
CIO of Global Information and Communications Technology Development
Manuela Veloso
Herbert A. Simon Professor, Computer Science
Jon Veronau
John Veroneau
Ambassador Phil Verveer
Former U.S. Coordinator for Intl. Comm. and Information Policy
Charles M. Vest
Gina Vetere
Special Counsel, International Trade and Public Policy & Government Affairs
Krystyn J. Van Vliet
Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
George Vradenburg
Vivek Wadhwa
Adjunct Professor
Ann B. Waldo
Wendell Wallach
Consultant, ethicist, and scholar, Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics
Dan Wallach
Associate Professor
Kathleen Wallman
Scott Wallsten
Vice President for Research and Senior Fellow
Bryan Walsh
Senior Writer
Christina E. Wanscher
Chief Consultant, Head
Jacek Warda
Jeremie O. Waterman
Senior Policy Advisor for Asia
Steven Weber
Michael Weinberg
Vice President
Steve Weinstein
President and Chief Executive Officer
Charles Weiss
Former Distinguished Professor of Science, Technology, and International Affairs
Jeff Weiss
Senior Director, Technical Barriers to Trade
Daniel J. Weitzner
Associate Administrator for the Office of Policy Analysis and Development
Christian Weller
Senior Fellow
David Weller
Head of Global Trade Policy
Jan Wessels
Division for Innovation Policy Issues
Charles W. Wessner
Director, Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Peter Westerstråhle
Science and Technology Counselor
Jay F. Whitacre
Associate Professor
Jayme White
Staff Director
Sheldon Whitehouse
U.S. Senator
Richard Whitt
Washington Telecom and Media Counsel
Rick Whitt
Washington Telecom and Media Counsel
Bill Whyman
Senior Managing Director and Head of Technology Strategy Research
Howard Wial
Robert C. Wible
Senior Project Manager
Lorie Wigle
General Manager of Eco-Technology
Marc Williams
Governmental Programs Executive
Deborah Wince-Smith
Kathrin Winkler
Senior Vice President
Sidney G. Winter
Deloitte and Touche Professor Emeritus of Management
Christopher Wolf
Alan Wolff
Senior Counsel
Matthew F. Wood
Associate Director
Dr. Matt Wood
General Manager of Data Science
Christopher Wood
Executive Director
Dr. Matt Wood
General Manager of Data Science
David Wu
Andrew Wyckoff
Director of Science, Technology and Industry
Phoebe Yang
Managing Director, Corporate Development
Alec Yasinsac
Kevin Yoder
United States Representative
Christopher Yoo
Professor of Law, Communication, and Computer and Information Science
David Young
Vice President
Karen Zaderej
CEO & President
Nadhim Zahawi
Member of Parliament
Michael S. Zaneis
Senior Vice President and General Counsel
Jon Zeitler
Executive Vice President of Corporate Development
Ken Zita
John Zogby
Managing Director
Cathy Zoi
Acting Under Secretary for Energy
Jonathan Zuck